BPR statement on George Floyd’s death, police violence:


George Floyd’s life mattered. Like Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and too many others whose names we don’t know, Floyd was stolen from friends and family members who loved him and cared about him. His murder cannot be undone, and it is our most recent reminder of the fact that white supremacy, police violence, and racism are dangerously prevalent forces in America today… Read Full Statement

Beyond Martin Shkreli: Big Pharma Costs in the US

Martin Shkreli has received extensive coverage for raising the price of a medication for HIV overnight, but he’s only a symptom of a larger problem. Learn more about the high cost of pharmaceuticals in the US with this update from the BPR Media Team.

Video by Zack Goldstein, Isabela Karibjanian, and Misbah Noorani.