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BPR Interviews: The Telah Foundation

Founded in 1974, Heaven’s Gate was a millenarian cult based near San Diego, California. On March 26, 1997, members of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group in what the police concluded were a series of mass-suicides. A couple of members survived and to this day continue to run the Heaven’s Gate website, identifying themselves as the Telah Foundation. TELAH stands for “The Evolutionary Level Above Human,” a term used for beings who have managed to travel “beyond human.”

Glenn Yu: What do you consider to be the significance of life on Earth? 

Telah Foundation: It is for humans to evolve towards the Next Level and eventually graduate off this planet, over many, many reincarnations.

GY: How do you define the word “religion”? 

TF: Religions are constructs that humans make up to explain the purpose of life.  

GY: How do you know that Heaven’s Gate isn’t a construct as you say other religions are?

TF: It is not of this world and not of any earthly religion.

GY: What is your social life like now? Do you have friends and coworkers? Do you go on outings, and/or enjoy hobbies/recreation? 

TF: We work full-time jobs to pay for things and work on Next Level tasks at other times.

GY: What is a next-level task?

TF: We maintain the website, archive the information, protect the trademarks and copyrights and disseminate the information of the Next Level to the world.

GY: What is Hale Bopp’s significance to you now? 

TF: It was never important.  It was just a marker, among others.  We don’t pay attention to comets and other space debris.

GY: How do you feel about the group’s representation in pop culture? 

TF: It is always misunderstood and misapplied.

GY: In what ways is HG misunderstood by popular culture?

TF: Human culture knows very little of the truth of the Next Level.  All we get from humans are lies, rumors, and misunderstandings.

GY: What is it to be human?

TF: Being human is a compilation of hard and soft behaviors. [Being human is to be] manipulated to be satisfied remaining on this planet.  Humans are chained to this planet in an endless cycle of reincarnation.  

GY: Why does Lucifer want to program us? What is Lucifer’s goal? 

TF: Hard and soft wire conditioning make up the human brain and body.  The programming is to make humans feel they have value. If humans are satisfied with human existence, they will not strive for something better.  Lucy knows this and makes human life attractive. It is not.

GY: Do I have a chance to survive the recycling? Is there any way to prepare or to be saved?

TF: The recycling will happen within the next 30 years or so.  Some humans will survive. Some will not. Anything of worth will survive. 

GY: Is it pre-determined who will survive? 

TF: Free Will is always in effect.  Everyone has a choice. Anyone who wants the Next Level can attain it.  If not in this lifetime, then the next.

GY: What is worth? Why do you use the word “anything” instead of “anyone”?

TF: Whatever is worth something to the Next Level will survive.

GY: Do you know what the Recycling will look like? Will it be caused by humans? 

TF: It will be a combination of circumstances that will bring on the recycling.