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The Brown Political Review is not currently accepting applications. Applications open for students at Brown and RISD at the start of each semester.

Below is a list of the entry-level positions in BPR. You can find an overview of each board here.

If you have any questions about the application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Staff Writers

BPR staff writers write three analytical, niche, and highly researched articles each semester on topics of their choice. Each staff writer is assigned to a section composed of approximately three editors and 14 writers and receives in-depth feedback on their work in pitch and edit meetings. Since articles undergo a rigorous editing and fact-checking process, they typically make for excellent writing samples. We also publicize articles on BPR’s social media accounts, and articles may be accompanied by original graphics or illustrations designed by BPR’s Creative Board.

Copy Editors

BPR’s copy editors ensure that all information in the magazine is verifiably correct and is rooted in trustworthy sources during fact checking. During copy edits, copy editors clean up the text of articles to match the BPR style guide. They are responsible for 1-3 hours per week of live copy editing and may have a slightly larger copy editing commitment during the production cycle.

Creative Associates

Creative Associates conceive and direct the magazine’s layout, aesthetic, and design. They also create original infographic and graphic design content for the magazine and website.

Art Directors: Art Directors work closely with the Creative Directors to guide illustrators to make the best work possible for BPR’s magazine and website. They meet with Creative Directors often to review/critique illustrator concepts and progress. They also communicate regularly with illustrators to provide feedback and guide them throughout the illustration process. Only juniors and below are eligible to apply for this position.

Illustrators: Illustrators create the illustrations that appear in the print publication and website. Each semester, illustrators sign up for one article each based on pitches submitted by the writers. After signing up for an article, illustrators have approximately one week to create three or more thumbnail sketches for each of their illustration(s), which the Art Directors will look over and provide feedback on. After receiving feedback, illustrators have approximately one more week to complete and submit their illustrations. The web production cycle is much the same, though it happens more frequently in the semester.

Design Directors: Design Directors manage the design of the magazine and oversee the rest of the design team. They collaborate with the larger creative team (Creative Directors, Art Directors), direct the visual language of the magazine (select typefaces, design spreads), and delegate tasks to Designers. Only juniors and below are eligible to apply for this position.

Designers: Designers work with Design Directors to execute the layout of the magazine. Designers design certain spreads (interview spread, table of contents, ads, etc.) as well as help form the general appearance (typography, composition) of the magazine. They also work on data visualization, such as creating infographics for articles, and communicate with BPR’s Data Board to find data relevant to articles.

Multimedia Associates

Media Associates conceptualize, draft, and produce visual and audiovisual media content.

Interviews Associates

Interviews Associates schedule and conduct interviews with political leaders and public intellectuals.

Business Associates

The Business and Social Media team, via three sub-boards, manages the Brown Political Review’s operations, finances, and social media posts. The Monetization and Outreach sub-board raises funding via advertisements, manages alumni relations, boosts subscriptions, handles magazine distribution, and publishes the monthly newsletter. The Social Media sub-board posts all of BPR’s content on social media and designs marketing and media campaigns for issue releases, calls for submissions, and staff recruitment. The Events sub-board plans internal and external BPR events, including our speaker series and BPR formal. Business associates are also responsible for publishing BPR’s online articles.

Data Associates

Data Associates produce infographics, write data-driven articles, and create interactives and news apps.

Web Developers

The Brown Political Review web development team is tasked with the design and maintenance of the BPR website.