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“Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City”: Remarks from Ray Kelly

On October 29, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was scheduled to deliver prepared remarks during a public lecture at Brown University. Kelly’s presence attracted crowds of protestors who objected to various policing tactics of the NYPD, including the policy known as “stop-and-frisk,” as well as the wiretapping of New York City’s regional Muslim communities.

While taking the stage, Kelly was prevented from speaking when student and community members led a protest inside the auditorium that resulted in the cancellation of the event, generating a national controversy as well as an investigation from a campus disciplinary commission that is still underway. Brown Political Review has since obtained a copy of the prepared remarks that Commissioner Kelly was prepared to deliver on the afternoon of October 29.

Editor’s Note: BPR invites readers to share comments, opinions, experiences, letters and articles in response to our ongoing coverage of Commissioner Ray Kelly. Please send your response to, and place “Ray Kelly” in the subject line.

Late update: A previous leak of the speech included only excerpts for a total of 807 words, or two and a half pages. BPR’s full transcript is 3, 295 words, or eleven pages.

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